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This presentation describes implementation of the national In+Care campaign, from the 2012 ACLN, Kampala, Uganda.
Quality Improvement

Improving health outcomes is the ultimate goal of HIVQUAL. Quality improvement activities build from standard improvement methodologies to provide clinics with a systematic approach to continually improve processes of care. QI priorities are determined based on data results, local and national priorities. At the QI project level, the model follows five main performance steps: 

1) Review, collect and analyze data 
2) Develop project teams 
3) Investigate the process (root cause analysis)
4) Plan and test changes/improvement strategies (PDSA/improvement cycle) or more formal implementation strategies
5) Evaluate and adapt changes and develop sustainability plan.  
Clinics receive experiential training in each step. This prepares a facility to move a project through each step to completion and enables them to repeat the process with new opportunities identified for improvement. Using the HQ QI approach, clinics diagnose the underlying causes of gaps in their processes and systems of care delivery to identify the most effective improvement strategies that are sustainable over time. 
Key components of the HQ QI strategy include: 
Quality Improvement Workshops:
Quality improvement workshops are interactive, hands-on sessions designed to impart practical skills to facility staff for immediate use. HIVQUAL offers experienced quality improvement coaches who teach improvement methods through real world examples of HIV care. HIV-specific examples are used to provide related skills and a complete learning experience. 
Quality Improvement Projects:
Once baseline data collection and performance measurement has been completed, and key personnel have been trained through Quality Improvement Workshops, projects are undertaken to improve care based on a problem area identified by each facility. 
Quality Improvement Projects follow these steps:
- Prioritize area for improvement based on performance data.
- Develop a project work plan.
- Identify the sequential processes of the chosen system.
- Implement changes.
- Modify as needed.
- Share strategies and best practices.